Red Rock Reciprocity

The Lost Dutchman on a windy, windy day.
Gusts of crows blowing over the Arizona plateau.
Standing sturdy on a thunderous set of bones.
The grief slips from my fingertips as I reach up, out, under, through.
Still looking for you.
Always will be.                                                                     -A. Tuttle  Jan. 2017


Giveaway as an art form:

Figure out what you want most in life.  Feel the persistent desire for it in your soul.  Know it.  Write it.  Smell it.  Taste it.  Lean in real close.  Weep over it, fall in love with it, be lost without it.  Let yourself need it.

Feel what it’s like to not feel “good enough” for what you most want and need.

Live into what it’s like to feel owed.


Stand on the windiest fucking mountaintop you can find.

Dance it out.  Dance.  Dance- as a gift to place.  Dance as a ritual to get it all started…the giveaway.


Start giving away that thing, those ways, that you most desire.  Without expectation of return.  The giving is the way of knowing and being in relationship with the sweet honey of life.

The giveaway is the road to reciprocity.

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  1. Chris
    July 20, 2017

    “Live into what it’s like to feel owed.”

    This is a crunchy line, I am still trying to digest.

    Looking forward to more.


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