Fire Reciprocity

“Let the fire of this year burn away all that is not love.”

I have repeated this mantra thousands of times since the year shifted from 16 to 17.  It’s a fire year, for all the people.  Double, triple, quadruple fire.  Can you feel it?

I can.

So, what’s the fire all about?

Quick transformation.  Becoming a lover of leaving.  Intense focus.  Creation. Destruction.  Moving through the old ways which aren’t serving.  Remembering.  Ancestors.  Ceremony.  Smoke. Service, Medicine.  Guidance.  Listening.  Following the path.

The fire is an invitation to the journey-woman to jump through portals and cross thresholds quickly and lightly.  Many much opportunities for practice.

When I stumbled across this forest fire site, I was immediately invited to offer a Reciprocity Dance.  The site is circular, inviting.  It’s scorched and it’s alive.  I danced tenderly at first, aware of the thickness beneath my feet, the rattlesnakes, and the ominous footprints that led me to the site.   I am aware of the quiet absence of other humans.

Let the fire of this year burn away anything, anything, anything, that stands in the way of LOVE.


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