Potent, In All Encounters.

“Amy and I spent the morning encouraging zest, curiosity, creativity and collaboration with a wonderful group of children and adults in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Education space who, frankly, didn’t need much encouraging to be wildly creative and inspiring.  After a synchronizing lunch (I want the same thing she is having!) and much talk of intergenerational mentoring and feeling accompanied in the work of trauma, community arts and resilient communities, we set off to find a play space for embodied reciprocity.

We knew we would start with silence. We would mirror. Then we would play … a call and response. We decided our inspiration was potency, as in “how do we become potent in all encounters.”  In the silence, I could immediately feel the potent communion of selves. It was as though I could feel/see/know time and space expanding and collapsing, the energy of past, present and future unfolding itself in and around Amy, in and around me, in and around the reciprocal we.”

What if I make you an umbrella of silence?

What if then you dance with me?

What if in this shelter, we?

What if in this shelter, we?



Stacy Sims

In Reciprocity with Amy Tuttle, March 10, 2018


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