Reaching Toward a Reciprocal Life

A friend asked- “What makes you a BOLD human?”

I answered- “My Quest.”

I am a hungry soul.  I live by the guidance of juicy, bold, dangerous, impossible, demanding questions.

A good question is like a beautifully spun thread.  Follow it.  Weave with it.  Construct the cloak which you wear from your dance with curiosity.

Curiosity is rewarded with milky, substantive, nurturing synchronicities.  Rarely the completeness of a concrete answer, rather the invitation to dive deeper.

This year, there were so, so, so many junctions at which I had nothing else to do but kneel in gratitude, awe, grief, and joy.  The earth was kissed hundreds of times by my hungry, loving lips.

I cannot believe the range of “this being human.”

I reach up from the kiln of fire which has crafted a refining experience for me this calendar year.  I reach toward the nature-trickster promise of FULL MOON 2018.

I reach for reciprocity.

I reach for absolute dedication to service.

Thank you, FIRE.  Thank you to the solitude and nomadic wanderings of this intense and refining experience of “a year.”

Here’s to the community of peers, of service-seekers, of earth-healers that I’m calling in.  I pray that 2018 will be a year of even more nomading, reciprocating, community-building, exploring, and listening.

Welcome in THE DANCE!!!!


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