Gila Forest Reciprocity Dance

The most beautiful and surprising of places.  A landscape of deep, ancient trees rises from a desert in bloom.

Traveling from Phoenix toward a portal ceremony of a lovely guide-friend in New Mexico, I found myself driving through landscapes that garnered celebration, respect, awe. Less than two months earlier, I had been in this same desert…pre-bloom.  I loved it then.

Seeing the desert in bloom for the first time held a potency that I keep as medicine in a sweet, small sack.  The desert-bloom medicine is savored when my faith is short and belief seems to have no ears.  The desert in bloom gave me something to erupt in joyous bouts of tear-songs to, to break out the best ferments and offer a toast for, to fall out onto knees and kiss the sweet ground over.

And yet, I had no idea about the Gilas.  No idea that as my journey continued through a blooming wildflower celebration, I’d be nearing the majestical biological wonder that is the Gila Mountains.  A range erupts from the desert, covered in ancient Pinions.  An abrupt climb up from the dry place and there’s a lush forest, lakes, wetlands, Elk.

These mountains provoked my waking, rising, and meeting eye-to-eye the tooth-soul of my searching.

After long wandering, a dance was made.

A long recording, yes.  Notice the ones who are keeping count, holding the rhythm.

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